More stages for a result: reliability and stability.

Research, technology, innovation. The well-structured production process is monitored and implemented by a team of professionals, trained to use the latest robotic processing technologies. The quality standards achieved are the result of a careful control of all the production stages.

Avant-garde and versatility are the essential elements of MEC’s manufacturing process. The production stages are constantly monitored by professionals to ensure accurateness and enhance performance, which can be found on the manufactured product. Transportable equipment, cranes, lifting and carrying equipment and transportable farm trailers: all produced equipment are subject to final tests, which ensure optimal reliability and performance.

The process phases.

Management of orders and updating of the production programs
Selection and collection of the materials for production
Fitting the equipment and machinery
Realisation of the work and control phases on the products
Final preparation of the product
Preparation and assembly of vehicles
Final testing of the product
Direct support to operators
Daily check of the progress of the processes

Design and innovation: a team of experts

To create a new and functional product for market needs, it takes research, expertise and specialisation. In MEC, the design of each product is assigned to a team of technicians with proven professionalism and experience. With the support of the latest generation software, we produce new solutions, which meet the customer’s request with the utmost performance.

MEC has an efficient design studio, where all manufactured products are designed. The experience and know-how acquired allows the company to produce innovative solutions, able to respond to specific customer requirements. The accuracy, applied at design, guarantees a finished product, which is highly durable and can stand the test of time. The technicians and designers, constantly updated on the developments of software and technologies, allow to offer a quick and exclusive service to the customer.