Sales and service

Sale: from the product to the customer.

Owing to the experience gained during the first years on the Italian market and the constant demand for product internationalisation, MEC has managed to build a network of authorised dealers in major foreign markets.

Competence in the sector, listening skills and specialisation are aspects, which distinguish the sales office, the professionals, who, in a collaborative dialogue with the customer, aim at implementing a competitive and quality product. The main sales channels are authorised dealers and logistics managers, directly supported by MEC parent company.

MEC’s sales process towards the distributor is developed by means of specialised tools (product configurators and software), which allow to manage and monitor each step of the negotiation. Our goal is to develop and improve product performance, thanks to the feedback, received from customers.

The private party involved may contact MEC and will be directed to the pertaining area dealer.

Assistance service: a concrete answer to customers

After-sales service
Assistance service: a concrete answer to customers.

With a listening and sharing approach, the support team analyses the customer questions and is able to provide a dedicated service, offering practical and timely solutions.